Frequently asked questions

  • The Zone

    Where is the Zone?

    Our operations area is called the Zone and covers Copenhagen, Frederiksberg and Gentofte municipality. It is here you can start and end your trips. Besides the Zone we have minor operations areas, which we call Satellites. They cover a minor area beyond the three municipalities, where you also can start and end your trip. You can see the Zone and Satellites in your app.

    Read more about the Zone and Satellites here.

    Can I drive outside the Zone?

    You can easily drive outside of the Zone, but you can’t end your trip before you return back in the Zone. As soon as you get outside the Zone, the car will tell you via the voice system and there will be a small red light at the rearview mirror.

  • Battery and charging

    What is the reach of the battery?

    For combined driving the Renault Zoe has a reach of 100 – 130 km.


    What do I do, if there is very little power left on the battery?
    We at GreenMobility always make sure that the car is charged as soon as the battery reach is below 15 km. If you get below this limit during your trip, you can just continue to your destination if possible. If you are planning to park in an electric parking lot with a charging station, please do not hesitate to connect the car to the charging station, making it ready for the next user.

    Be aware that if you drive the car battery down to 0% the car will have to be towed. In that case you will be charged with a towing fee on 2500 DKK.

    How do I connect and disconnect the City Car from the charging stand?

    Once you have parked your car next to the charging station, open the charging cover, which sits in the front for the Renault Zoe, by pressing the button with the charging point icon at the driver’s left side. Then, attach the charging cable located in the car’s trunk to both the car and the charging stand’s charging cover. The blue end goes into the car and the black goes into the charging stand. To open the charging cover to the stand, use a charge card from E.ON. The card is found in the City Car’s card holder in the glove compartment. Hold the card over the stand waiting for the cover to open. When the cable is connected to the car and the stand, the charging begins. The trip cannot be completed before the charging card is placed back in the card holder in the car.

    You disconnect the cable from the City Car by pressing the charging point icon on the key, or on the switch with the charging connector icon located on the left side of the cars steering wheel. To release the charging cable for the charging stand, keep the charging card over the charging stand. You’ll find the card in the car’s glove compartment.

    Where do I find the nearest charging stand?

    You can find the nearest charging stand by using the cars navigation system. You can only use E.ON charging stands. A charging stand will be shown on the card with a charger cable icon. By pressing on the selected stand, you will receive the opportunity, to choose “Navigate here”. Hereafter the City Car will navigate you via the shortest route.

    Find the nearest E.ON charging stand here.

    What happens if my phone runs out of power during the drive?

    If your phone runs out of power or doesn’t have coverage when you have to finish your trip, you can just shut the door, and then the car will automatically lock 30 seconds after you leave it. Your trip will also be ended automatically. If you are in doubt, you can always use the call button in the ceiling of Your City Car to contact our customer service team. If you are in a parking basement and have to book a City car, but can’t get a signal, you must move to another area with a signal.

  • Parking

    What is the rules for parking?
    See which parking options you have with Your City Car here.

    What if I want to park without ending the trip?
    You can easily park and leave your car, just be aware that you pay the minute price until you end the trip in the app. When you have started your trip, the button "Stopover" will be visible. Use this to park the car - this will lock the car, but the car will still remain yours. When you are ready to drive again, simply press "Start Trip" to unlock the car and drive again. 

  • Damages

    When I arrive to my City Car, I detect a damage, what do I do?
    If you detect any damage to the car, please contact our customer service and inform them accordingly. You do this by holding down the call button in the ceiling for 2 seconds. The City Car will call directly to our customer service, who will make sure that any damage is detected and repaired promptly.

    Do I have to pay for potential damages?
    Our cars have liability and accident insurance, comprehensive insurance and insurance for theft, but there is a deductible of 5000 kr. per claim.

    If you get any damage to the City Car when it is in your care, please contact our customer service. You do this by holding down the call button in the ceiling for 2 seconds. Then the City Car calls directly to our customer service, who makes a registration of that there has been a damage to the car.

    Is it allowed to smoke in the City Cars?
    It is not allowed to smoke in the City Car due to the safety throughout the drive, and in consideration of other users. If you choose to smoke in the City Car anyway, you will be charged a separate fee for additional cleaning of the car of 2500 kr.

  • Equipment in the car

    Are there any City Cars with a child seat or tow hitch?
    There are child seats in over 1/3 of all the cars. In the app you can choose to see the City Cars, that are equipped with a child seat.

    We have 2 types of child seats in the cars.

    The booster seats: 15 - 36 kg.
    The child seats: 9 - 18 kg.

    Unfortunately, it is illegal to install tow hitch on electric cars.

    Can I put a roof rack, bike rack, snow chains or other equipment on the City Car? 

    No, it is not allowed to put any kind of extra equipment on Your City Car as this can cause damages.

  • Your membership

    Is it permitted, that others use my GreenMobility membership and drive the car?
    Your membership is personal, and it is therefore only the person who has booked the car that can drive it. If you let another person drive it is a violation of the legislation on the area, and you risk a fine and a fee on 5000 kr., also the insurance, in case of damages and accidents, will not cover.