Words from business customers

We are pleased with GreenMobility in Obsidian Digital. It is a flexible alternative to get to and from customer meetings. That we can book the car 30 minutes before departure provides us with a guarantee that we will arrive on time. The possibility of booking the City Cars for a whole day is useful at meetings in Greater Copenhagen. We drive as much City Car as taxi today - because it's easier and faster for us.

Halfdan Timm, Head of Social, Obsidian Digital A/S

Words from business customers

GreenMobility offer an environmentally friendly and inexpensive transport alternative in the capital region and you don’t have to worry about expensive parking as a customer.

Johannes Rovsing, CEO, Saxo Bank A/S

Words from business customers

We often use the City Cars for meetings out of the house as there is always a car within 10 minutes of our office in the city centre. And we are pleased that the environmentally friendly alternative is also the best alternative.

Ida B. Melhede, Service Delivery Manager, Mover Systems ApS

Words from business customers

So far, it has been a success in relation to the bottom line and in relation to If's continued work with sustainability in the insurance industry. And our employees love the cars that drive really well

Bo Petersen, Head of Sustainability and Procurement, If skadesforsikring

Words from business customers

Came home from skiing holiday yesterday. After a delay of 5 hours and a lot of waiting, my wife and I went to P7 (just opposite the airport exit) where a GreenMobility car waited. Clean, charged and with great space for boots and big suitcases. Drove to Skovshoved for 169 kr. It can’t be done more conveniently.

Mads Leth Christiansen, Founder & CEO, Skimmelfrit ApS

Words from business customers

We took a chance and drove to both Horsens and Vojens from Copenhagen, with GreenMobility. When you don't have to pay for fuel and the price for 24 hours is so low, it's a very cheap trip. You can easily find charging spots on your way, and a little hour of coffee and e-mail on a motorway cafe is not a problem.

Dan Rose Johansen, CPO, Bilagscan

Green and convenient

More than 550 businesses drive Your City Car and experience that it fulfills their transport needs. We strive for a smooth user experience and we are proud to have a customer satisfaction score above 85%. We are cheaper than taxi, more flexible than carpooling and company cars, and together we have saved the Copenhagen area for 700 tonnes of CO₂ since we started.

Here is your new company car

  • Drive to / from Copenhagen Airport and use our reserved parking spaces in P7 at Terminal 3
  • Save ~ 75% of the cost compared to taxi
  • Earn free minutes with City Car Bonus
  • Choose your own billing
  • 24 hour support directly from the City Car
  • Spare the environment of CO₂ emissions with our electric cars

Introduction to a business agreement with GreenMobility

  • What is GreenMobility?

    GreenMobility is a Danish car sharing concept located in the Copenhagen area. The company offers a simple, flexible and modern transportation solution for anyone who wants an alternative form of transport and also wants to take into account the environmental impact. With a car fleet of 400 electric City Cars (Renault ZOE), GreenMobility offers easy and green mobility. The "Din Bybil" app acts as a key to all City Cars and will quickly show you where to find your nearest City Car.


  • Which businesses can get a company agreement?

    All companies with a Danish CVR number may request to enter a business agreement with GreenMobility.

    There are currently more than 550 business driving in Your City Car, and the business rank from large companies with close to 10,000 employees to single-person companies and smaller startups with only a few employees. Fill out our contact form today and be contacted as soon as possible.

  • Why choose a business agreement with GreenMobility?

    It's convenient

    All users download our user-friendly "Din Bybil" app in the App Store or Google Play and receives the key to 400 City Cars. The app gives you an overview of all available City Cars and you can reserve a car for up to 30 minutes. We offer free parking on all public parking spaces with a time limit of minimum 2 hours, and you can also find reserved parking spaces for your City Car on our Hotspots, which you can get an overview of the app. In the municipality of Copenhagen you can even park at all the dedicated parking spaces for electric cars, as you can see here: We are with you all the way and you can always press the call button in the City Car ceiling if you need to get in touch with our 24-hour customer service.

    It's cost effective

    It’s free to set up a GreenMobility business agreement and you only pay 2.8 DKK per minute ex. VAT. when you drive in the City Cars (including power, insurance and parking). By choosing a business agreement with GreenMobility, your company saves ~ 75% compared to taxi. We also offer day-rent and subscriptions. Click on the section "What does it cost?" for more information on this.

    It's green

    GreenMobility is the only "free-floating" City Car concept in Copenhagen which exclusively uses electric cars. Electric cars do not emit environmental pollutants and since October 2016 we’ve saved the community for more than 700 tonnes of CO₂. We are charging the City Cars with green power from E.ON's charging stations, which let the City Cars recharge with power from renewable energy sources. Electric cars also reduce noise in the city and are part of the future's demands for a sustainable city. By choosing a business agreement with GreenMobility, you will help achieve three of the 17 Global Goals: Sustainable Cities and Communities, Responsible Consumption and Climate Action.

  • What does it cost?

    It’s free to start a GreenMobility business agreement and there is no obligation or commitment in the agreement. It’s also free regardless of your company's size, location and number of employees.

    City Car Go

    City Car Go is our most popular solution, where you only pay for the minutes you drive in your City Car. The price is 2,8 DKK per minute ex. VAT. (including power, insurance and parking). With City Car Go, the company saves 75% compared to taxi. You are able to save DKK 338 on a trip from Klampenborg to Copenhagen Airport* and only pay 113 DKK with Your City Car.

    * Klampenborg – Copenhagen Airport takes approx. 32 min / 40 km. All prices are ex. VAT. Last updated on 30-10-2018.

    City Car Flex

    We also offer our daily subscription City Car Flex, where you can keep your City Car for 24 hours. The price is 360 kr. ex. VAT and after 2 hours and 8 minutes on City Car Go, you will automatically be switched to City Car Flex. You do not have to do anything to activate City Car Flex, it happens automatically and is perfect for longer trips outside the city.

    If your business has other transport needs than our current solutions can cover, please fill out our contact form further down the page and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

  • How are we invoiced?

    There are three (3) ways you can be invoiced.

    Monthly invoice

    You can choose a monthly invoice sent by e-mail. This provides you with a single invoice for all employee spending each month. You will have access to a daily updated driving summary on our website as well as the ability to export data to an excel file. You will receive the invoice by e-mail.

    Company credit card

    You can choose to get your employee spending deducted from a single company credit card. This provides you with an automatic way of being invoiced and you will receive an invoice after each trip. You will have access to a daily updated driving summary on our website as well as the ability to export data to an excel file.

    Employee reimbursement

    Employees are billed on their own private or company credit cards. If it’s by private credit cards, the employee can subsequently be expensed by company. You will not have access to a daily updated driving summary on our website with this invoice solution.

  • How do we get started?

    It's simple to start a GreenMobility business agreement and it's free to sign up. You can follow the guide below if you want to start a business agreement as soon as possible. You can also fill out the contact form further down this page to be contacted for more information.

    Start a business agreement

    Sign up as a private user at the top of the page with your company e-mail if you do not already have an existing user that can be used for your business profile.

    Send an e-mail to with the subject "Business Administrator" and your company name, e-mail, phone number, company address and CVR-number.

    You will then receive a confirmation e-mail instructing you on how to set up your business agreement.

    You will now be able to access the "Business" tab on our website

    Add employees to your business agreement

    You can invite your employees by clicking the "Business" tab and then the "Users" tab on our website.

    Click "Invite Business User" to invite a new business user.

    Enter the new user's e-mail, possibly Cost Center, and click "Invite" in the right-hand corner.

    The new user will then receive an e-mail with a link to sign up. The invited person will be guided to a sign-up page where a new profile can be created. After the creation, the new profile will automatically be connected with your business agreement.

    All users can be managed by an administrator via the user list at the bottom of the page. Here you can add and remove business users.

    Remember that each user profile is personal and the insurance does not cover if the profile is used by others.

Is GreenMobility the right solution for your company?

Fill out this form and you will be contacted for a talk about our City Cars and your transportation needs.