GreenMobility enters Antwerp in Belgium

GreenMobility A/S establishes itself in Belgium, where GreenMobility has just been granted a parking- and car sharing permit from the City of Antwerp and by that a clear support from the city council who sees a strong potential in shared electric vehicles, that will reduce private cars and improve the environment.

GreenMobility A/S will launch its electric car sharing service in a joint venture with the local partner DTM Taxi & DTM Mobility.

The aim of this structure is to bring the significant local experience together with the knowledge and experience GreenMobility A/S can add with their electric shared cars, marketing concepts, brand, risk management and the combined tech platform.

GreenMobility A/S already operates Copenhagen & Aarhus in Denmark, and in the beginning of 2020 also Malmö and Göteburg in Sweden.

GreenMobility A/S’s service in Antwerp will have an expected start in the Spring of 2020, where a fleet of up to 350 EV’s will be built up.

We see Belgium as a strong and fast-growing market for electric car sharing, which with a clear political focus and financial support for EV’s, gives the optimal opportunity for a fast market entry and an interesting business model, specifically in the region of Flandern, as our first geographical focus area, which will be followed by a launch plan for Gent and Brussels says Thomas Heltborg Juul, CEO of GreenMobility A/S.

The service is a free float car sharing solution. The car is reserved and opened with an app and the user pay pr. minute.