We operate in an area that covers Copenhagen, Frederiksberg and Gentofte municipally. This area we call the Zone and it is here you can start and end your trip. Besides the Zone, we also have smaller operation zones called Satellite Zones. These are smaller areas outside of the three municipalities, where it is also possible to start and end a trip. For example, drive to the airport and park at P7 near Terminal 3.

When you are inside the Zone (including Satellite Zones) you can end your trip on all public streets and Hotspots. Hotspots are dedicated parking spaces for Your City Car, often placed in different centrally located parking garages either public or with private partners. Notice a few areas in the Zone marked with a color on the map. In these areas there are specific payments when you end your trip here.

Even though you must be inside the Zone to end your trip, you can easily take a trip outside the Zone. If you need to park outside the Zone you will still pay for your use, as you cannot end your trip until you return to the Zone. The speaker in Your City Car will tell you when you leave the Zone, and when you enter it again.

Enjoy your drive!