Now you can pre-book a car for delivery at any chosen address in Copenhagen and Aarhus!

Now you can pre-book one of GreenMobility’s sustainable cars!

The car will be delivered to any chosen address in Copenhagen and Aarhus inside the zone at your chosen day and time. 

This is a new feature where you will be the taxi driver yourself. More sustainable, cheaper and environmentally friendly.

How does it work?

Maybe you already know that you need a car to get to a meeting or to the airport? It is easy to pre-book our cars for whatever purpose as long the destination is inside the zone in Copenhagen. 

When you pre-book a car through our app, go to the menu “Pre-book car”. Afterwards, you receive a SMS with a link. Confirm your booking through the link. The car will be delivered to the chosen address by our sweet street runners, and you receive a SMS when the car is ready for you. 

Right now, it is only possible to pre-book a car at least 8 hours in advance of the delivery time in Copenhagen and 12 hours in advance of the delivery time in Aarhus. 

Prices on pre-booking

Delivery to a chosen address: 129 DKK.

Delivery less than 500 meters from the chosen address: 79 DKK.

With GreenMobility, you can drive from Gentofte to Copenhagen Airport for the price of approximately 280-330 DKK including delivery and airport fee. With traditional taxi, this trip can cost between 420-800 DKK depending on the traffic and taxi company. 

If you want to get the car delivered to Copenhagen Airport, the price is always 129 DKK. 


Pre-book through the app

Go to “Pre-book car” in menu in GreenMobility’s app. 

NB: Pre-booking is only available for addresses inside the zone in Copenhagen and Aarhus. 

Drive to your intended destination inside the zone and park - exactly like you always do with GreenMobility. See our parking rules here.