Drive for only 4,00 DKK per minute. Parking, power and insurance are included. You only pay for the time you use the car.

4.00 DKK/MIN.


If you wish to drive with discount, we have prepaid packages available. Parking, insurance and power are included as always.



Drive Your City Car for 24 hours, for only 595 DKK. Get more information about our daily product here.

595 DKK/24 HOURS

I drive GreenMobility’s cars because it is easy and really practical. I use the cars for many different things – often because it is cheaper and quicker than public transportation.

Emma Vestergaard

I drive GreenMobility’s cars because it is easy and flexible when you have a busy day.

Jesper Rasmussen

I use the City Cars because it is easy and rescues me in situations where public transportation isn’t working optimally. For me it means a lot, that there always is a car nearby and that I know it waits for me for half an hour – which the train wont.

Julie Slot

I use Your City Car when we are going to the airport, it is quick and easy, especially when you have tried waiting for a taxi unsuccessfully – and then it is also a lot cheaper. Often when we are going out for dinner, we chose Your City Car or when we are visiting friends and family. Then you can just leave the car and take a taxi home.

Ole Frederiksen

I live in Valby and there is always a City Car nearby. I use it when I have to go to work and the weather is bad, or if I am going to an event, where I can expect to be served some wine, then it is easy to take the City Car out and a taxi home.

Søs Jakobsen

I am happy every time I get comfortable in a City Car. It is amazing that we are living in a time where transportation is possible with just a touch on my phone - and also having access to a car whenever it suits me and wherever it suits me. The future really is now!

Tanja Maria Ørnkilde

City Car that suits your need

How often do you need a car? With Your City Car from GreenMobility you have a car available, whenever the need arises, whether it is daily, weekly, monthly or just from time to time – and you only pay for the time you spent. 

City Car Go gives you a fixed low price per minute at 4,00 DKK/min. and is obvious for you with a limited need, that occurs spontaneously.

City Car Flex is perfect for you, who needs a car for a longer period during the same day. For 595 DKK, the City Car is yours for 24 hours.

Enjoy your drive.