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Ten hiking trails you can take Your City Car to

Together with DNT, we have picked out ten hiking trails you can take Your City Car to, where there is still plenty of room on the trails and you can keep a good distance to others.

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Car sharing for the short eco-friendly trips in Oslo

Our 250 electric city cars transport you quickly and environmentally friendly through the city. Your City Car app acts as a key to all city cars, showing you where to find your nearest city car. Car sharing in Oslo is easy, convenient and close by!


Drive for 6 NOK per minute. You will neither pay for parking, electricity nor insurance. You only pay for the time you spend using the car. 



With City Car Flex you can keep the car for 24 hours.  The price for City Car Flex is 899 NOK. 


Where can I go?

You can drive anywhere you like in Norway, but you can only end your trip within the Parking Zone, which you will see in the app. 

The Parking Zone stretches around the city center of Oslo. From Lysaker in the west to Bjerke in the east and from Sognsvann in the north to Nordstrand in the south. 

The Parking Zone

What about parking?

Parking is included in the price. You can park on all public parking without time limitations within the parking zone. Additionally, you can park at one of our Hotspots. You can see all Hotspots in the app.

There is also a parking guide inside all of our City Cars. 


Keep your City Car for 24 hours for only 899 NOK

How do I get started?

  • Download the app Green Mobility
  • Sign up for free
  • Wait for approval 
  • You can now choose one of our 250 City Cars and go for a drive


Delivered in cooperation with Vy

Vy is dedicated to making it easier for people Oslo to live in the city without having to own a car. Now you can combine public transport with Your City Car and travel environmentally friendly, wile you still have a car whenever you need it. And of course: You do not have to be a customer of Vy´s other services in order to use You City Car!